Professional Standards Council

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In 1997, Wisconsin Act 298 was passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor which created the statutory Professional Standards Council (PSC) to assist and advise the state superintendent in improving teacher preparation, licensure and regulation. Wis. Stat. 15.377(8). Specific information regarding the framework of the Professional Standards Council can be found at Wis. Admin Code PI 34.36.

The council was established with the primary focus on classroom teaching. The purpose of the council, acting in an advisory capacity, is to ensure the quality of the profession of teaching by recommending to the state superintendent a set of standards regarding licensure and evaluation of teachers, evaluation and approval of teacher education programs, the status of teaching in Wisconsin, school board practices to develop effective teaching and peer mentoring programs.

The original legislative act that created the council provides a statutory mechanism to review, propose, or revise teacher preparation policies. Any policy recommendations or proposals made by the council are advisory only and subject to approval by the State Superintendent. Statutory responsibilities also require an annual report to the appropriate standing legislative committees on the activities and effectiveness of the council.

The following are related statutes and administrative codes governing Professional Standards Council:

For all published Annual Reports, please see Appendix A.