Initial Educators

Anyone who completes an educator preparation program for the first time in a particular license category (i.e. teaching, pupil Services, administrator) after August 31, 2004 is an initial educator in that license category.

Wis. Admin. Code PI 34 requires school district to provide a support system for initial educators that includes:

  • Provide ongoing orientation that is collaboratively developed and delivered by school boards, administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents/families.
  • Provide support seminars which reflect the appropriate standards (teacher, pupil services, administrator) and the mission and goals of the school district.
  • Designate administrators who may serve, subject to school board approval, on the initial educator’s Professional Development Plan (PDP) team.
  • Provide a qualified mentor. A qualified mentor is an educator who is trained to provide support and assistance to initial educators and has input into the confidential formative assessment of the initial educator. The criteria for Mentor training is decided by the school district and should include knowledge and understanding of the Wisconsin Educator Standards as well as the Professional Development plan (PDP) process. The mentor is not part of the formal employment evaluation process.

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