PI-1690 WIP HELP: On-line Internship Request Application

****** We have experienced an overwhelming volume of phone calls and email these past few weeks seeking assistance with ELO and licensing. We will continue to work with educators who had reached out for assistance or started an application online prior to June 30th to be able to assist with technical issues that prevented application completion.  Applications from these educators who made a good faith effort to apply will be considered as having been made timely. ******


  • Answer all questions on each page as completely as possible.
  • If you do not enter an answer for a required question, you will receive an error message identifying the problem.
  • Review each page carefully and make any necessary corrections before proceeding to the next page.
  • Toolbar Buttons and Icons: Move your mouse over a button or icon, without clicking, to see an explanation of the function. An explanation of toolbar buttons is also provided at the end of this list.
  • At the end of the on-line process, you will have an opportunity to make corrections on any and all pages.
  • If at any time you need to interrupt or exit the request process, be sure to click "Save" to keep the information you have already entered on the page. Then click "Exit." You may log in at a later time to complete the request.
  • When you have answered the questions, a Summary Page which details all the information you entered will be shown. Carefully review all information in the Summary Page for accuracy and thoroughness. If any corrections or additions are necessary, click the "Edit" button.
  • If you choose to "Edit" the summary page, you will be taken back to the beginning and can review and edit each page. After reviewing and making needed corrections on a page, click "Save & Continue" to save the changes and go to the next page. After you have reviewed or edited all pages, you will see a revised Summary Page.
  • When you are satisfied with the information on the Summary Page, click "Submit," to send your request electronically to the WIP Director. After clicking "Submit," a Signature Page will be shown on your screen.
  • Use your browser's Print button to print the Signature Page. You must send (by U.S. mail) a paper copy of the Signature page with all of the appropriate signatures to the WIP Director at DPI.

Toolbar Button/Icon Functions:

  • ADD - Depending upon the page you're on: Add a new Internship Request, or Add an additional Cooperating Teacher to an Internship Request.
  • BACK - Go back to the previous page to view or change information (to avoid invalid data, please use this button whenever possible instead of your browser's back button).
  • CONTINUE - Move to the next page.
  • EXIT - Exit the Internship Request On-line application. Caution: The information entered on the current page will not be saved unless you first click SAVE, before clicking EXIT.
  • HELP - Find out more specifics on how to enter information for the page.
  • NEXT - Move to the next page.
  • SAVE - Save the information you entered so far without exiting the page.
  • SAVE & CONTINUE - Save the information entered so far and continue on to the next page.

LOG IN - Step 1

School Year: Choose the school year of the internship from the drop down list by clicking on the down arrow for choices, then clicking on the correct year.

Education Agency: Choose the school district or CESA from the drop-down list by entering the first letter of the district (or CESA), then clicking the drop-down arrow and scrolling to the correct agency. Click on the correct district or CESA name. If the internship will be at a private school, select the school district in which the private school is geographically located.

Log in as a Public or Private School: Select, by clicking, whether the school of the internship is public or private. Before proceeding further, please review the page and be sure that you have selected the correct school year of the internship, the correct school district or CESA, and the correct public or private designation. Then, click the Next button.

Clicking the Next button at page bottom will add two new selection fields (School and Password) to the Log In page.

LOG IN - Step 2

School: Choose the school of the internship (e.g. specific high school, etc.) using the drop-down list. If you selected "Public School," only those public schools in the school district (or CESA) you selected will be shown in the drop down list. If you selected "Private School," only private schools in the school district area you selected will be shown.

Password: Move the cursor into the box, click, and type the password assigned to the particular school you selected. The password is case sensitive. Each public school within a district (and each private school) has its own password. (If you forgot your school's password, contact your district office to obtain it.) After entering your password, click the Next button.

Clicking the Next button at page bottom will take you to a new page:

  • If this is the very first log in using the school's password, you will be taken directly to the Contact information page (which must be completed for each new internship request).
  • In any subsequent log in, (an internship request for this school was already started or submitted), you will be taken first to the Requests page from which you can either review previous Internship Requests or add a new one.


A contact person must be designated for each internship request. The contact is the person who will be the school district's first point of contact for all questions/inquiries from the colleges and/or the WIP Director related to this internship request.

  • Enter the name, phone number, e-mail address, and job title of the contact person.
  • Be sure to include the area code when entering the telephone number.
  • An additional contact person can be included, if applicable.

When you are finished adding contact information, click the Save & Continue button at page bottom.


This page allows you to do a number of different tasks.

  • If an internship request already has been submitted, you can view the summary page for the request and also check if it has been approved or not. (Click View to the right of the internship request.)
  • If a request is incomplete and has not yet been submitted, you can Edit the request and complete any missing information before submitting it. (Click Edit to the right of the internship request.)
  • If a request has not yet been submitted and you no longer plan to request an intern, you may delete it entirely. (Click delete to the right of the internship request.)
  • If you want to create a new internship request, click the Add button at top of page.


For this internship request:

  • Select the number of interns you are requesting for one or both semesters for this internship request. See examples below.
  • Select the Lowest and Highest Grade(s) to be taught by the intern(s).
  • Enter the Subject(s) to be taught by the intern(s).
  • Use the drop-down lists to select the Average Hours per day the intern(s) will observe the teacher and the Average Hours per day the teacher will observe the intern.

When finished, click the Save & Continue button at page bottom.

Internship Request Examples:

Example 1: You can request more than one intern and/or more than one semester in one "internship request" if the schedule/plan of the internship is consistent. For example, a school may request two fall semester interns and two spring semester interns in just one on-line internship request submission if the schedule/plan of all four internships is the same.

Example 2: If you are requesting two nine-week placements in one semester for two interns and each nine-week placement is connected to the other, you could do that in one request. For example, if you are hosting two interns with one teaching grade 3 and one teaching kindergarten and each intern is switching places at nine weeks, that should be requested in one internship request and you would request two interns for either fall or spring (or for both fall and spring if you want to have a total of four interns involved).

Example 3: You would need to create two separate intern requests (log in twice) if you intend to hire two different interns in two different grades in one semester and these internships (and the interns placed) are in no way connected to the other. For example, if you want an intern in grade 2 - all subjects and another in grade 8 - science but these internship placements have no connection to each other, that would be two separate requests.

Example 4: If you are requesting one intern for the entire year, but you are not particular about which semester the intern would be placed, you would request one intern for EACH semester. Asking for one intern each semester does NOT obligate you to place/hire two interns, but does allow you the option of hosting an intern either semester and allows the WIP campuses to know that you may have an opening in either fall or spring semester.

Example 5: If you want to request a school counseling intern, you cannot use this on-line intern request application. This on-line intern request application is only used for teacher interns. For any school counseling intern requests, contact DPI School Counseling Services at 608-266-4447.


You are taken to this page after beginning a new internship request. Each new internship request requires that the Cooperating Teacher information be completed.

  • Enter the first and last name of the cooperating teacher.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher meets the requirements outlined in Wisconsin administrative code. Provide an explanation in the space provided if the requirements are not met.
  • Enter the primary licensure area of the cooperating teacher.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher is licensed for all subjects that the intern will teach. If the cooperating teacher is not licensed in all areas that the intern will teach, provide an explanation in the space provided.
  • Indicate whether or not the cooperating teacher is licensed for all the grade levels that the intern will teach. If the cooperating teacher is not licensed in all grades that the intern will teach, provide an explanation in the space provided.

After all information for this cooperating teacher is entered, click the Save & Continue button at page bottom. You will have an opportunity to add another cooperating teacher to this internship request from the page you will be taken to next.


If you have already entered a cooperating teacher(s) for this internship request, you will see the name and primary subject area license of the teacher(s) entered previously.

From this page you may:

  • Edit (or view) the cooperating teacher(s) information for this internship request. (Click Edit to the right of the teacher information.)
  • Delete a cooperating teacher completely from this internship request. (Click Delete to the right of the teacher information.)
  • Add another cooperating teacher to this internship request. (Click the Add button at page bottom.)

When you are finished entering/editing cooperating teacher(s) information, click the Continue button at page bottom.


  • First, indicate using the drop-down lists how many periods/blocks/hours are in your typical school day.
  • Next, list the specific subject area(s) and associated grade(s) in which the intern will be working. If the intern will be working in more than one school, list the subject areas/grades and the number of weeks in each school as well.
  • For the next two questions, use the drop-down lists to indicate how many periods/blocks/hours per day the intern will be either teaching on his/her own and/or will be team teaching.
  • Next, after finishing the previous questions, give more specific information about the intern's schedule over the course of the semester. Explain how the day-to-day schedule will be set up including:
    • whether the intern will be working in more than one subject area/grade/school;
    • whether the intern will be teaching the same schedule for the entire semester;
    • whether the intern will be gradually increasing their teaching load - if so, explain the intervals at which this increase will happen, etc.).
    • Sample schedule descriptions are provided below.
    • Finally, explain any other extenuating factors or comments that should be mentioned, if necessary.


Example 1: The intern will teach English 9 during 1st and 3rd periods and will teach English 10 during 2nd and 6th period. For the remaining periods, the intern will be observing their cooperating teacher(s) and other building/district teachers. The intern will have this same daily schedule for the entire semester.

Example 2: Weeks 1-3, the intern will start out observing in all subject areas (U.S. History, World History, Geography). Weeks 4-6, intern begins teaching one section of U.S. History. Weeks 7-9, intern teaches a total of two sections of U.S. History. Weeks 10-12, intern teaches a total of four classes (two U.S. History and two World History). Weeks 13-15, continue to teach the same four classes. Weeks 16-18, teach the cooperating teacher's entire teaching load (two U.S. History, two World History, and two Geography).

Example 3: This internship will be shared between two different grade levels in our school: kindergarten and grade 4. We have requested two interns for this semester with each one doing a nine-week placement in each grade level. One intern will spend the first nine weeks in kindergarten while the other intern will be working in grade 4. At the end of the first nine weeks, the two interns will switch places. So, both will be working as an intern for the entire semester, but it will be in two different placements with each classroom hosting an intern for the entire semester. We intend to have the interns progressively increase their work load over the course of each nine-week placement. Specifically, start by observing for two weeks, gradually add classes over the next five weeks, and teach the cooperating teacher's entire load for the final two weeks. Repeat this same type of schedule during the second nine weeks.


For this internship request:

  • You must confirm that the intern's teaching assignment - as indicated in previous questions - over the course of the entire semester is no more that 50% of the workload of a full-time teacher in your school district. If the intern's teaching assignment is more than 50% of a full-time teacher, you will be required to revise the intern's teaching assignment so that it does meet the 50% requirement. (Click the Back button at top of page to return to the Schedule page.)
  • Indicate timelines for the intern hiring/placement (e.g. to be hired by 7/1 and officially start on 8/29).
  • Indicate whether you are willing to accept an intern from any of the participating WIP campuses by answering "Yes" or "No". If you only would like to work with a specific campus or campuses, click "No" and then check the box(es) next to campus(es) that you prefer.
  • Using the drop-down list, select the start and end dates for your school's semester(s).
  • Finally, select "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not you have budgeted the correct amounts for the intern and to pay for Professional Development Programs. If you select "No", your Internship Request will not be approved.

Click the Save & Continue button at page bottom to continue to a summary of information entered for this internship request.


The information entered for this internship request is summarized on these pages for your review. Please carefully review all of the information listed in the Summary for accuracy and completeness.

  • If you need to make changes to any information, click Edit in the toolbar. You will be taken back to the Contact page for this internship request. You can review each page, make edits where necessary, and click the Save & Continue button to advance to the next page to be reviewed. (If you did not change any information on a page, simply click the Save & Continue button to move to the next page.) After all pages have been reviewed and/or edited, you will again advance to the Summary page. The Summary page information will now include any revisions made.
  • If you are satisfied with the summary, click the Submit button at page bottom. Clicking Submit will electronically send your internship request to the WIP Director at DPI. The Signature Page for the internship request will then be returned to your screen. This page must be printed and mailed to DPI.

PLEASE NOTE, after you click Submit, you are no longer allowed to change the Internship Request without first contacting the WIP Director, so please review the request carefully.

Also, be aware that your intern must be licensed before they start working at your school. Before the semester starts, check on their license status on the DPI License Database Search at: http://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/lisearch.html



A paper copy of the Signature Page for this Internship Request must be signed and mailed to DPI before the request can be approved by the WIP Director.

  • Use your browser's File - Print function to print a paper copy of the Signature Page.
  • Obtain all necessary signatures and mail to the address listed at the top of the Signature Page form.
  • Keep a copy of the Signature Page for your records.

After printing the signature page, click the "Click Here After Printing This Page" link at right of page bottom or close your browser.