PI-1690 WIP HELP: Internship Request Query


  • Please select your college from the dropdown list.
  • Next enter your Log In password and click Next. (Please note, this password is not the same as the one that is later given to the intern to apply for his or her DPI intern license, so please safeguard your password at all times).
  • If you have forgotten your password, please contact the WIP Director.


This page identifies all approved Internship Requests (formerly known as designs) in descending order with the most recent requests listed at the top of the list.

However, you are allowed to sort these approved requests by clicking the links in the header. Clicking each one will sort the requests so you are able to see them by either:

  • Request Number (descending order),
  • District or Ed. Agency (alphabetized), or
  • Subject (alphabetized).

Once you have finished sorting all requests, you can access the summary page for a specific district's Internship Request by clicking on the actual Request Number (in the left hand column).

Once you open the summary for a specific request, please review all information so you can help your students determine if they are appropriate for that placement and understand all the request entails.

Please also note that near the end of each summary a school district may have listed a preferred campus(es) with which they would like to work. As in the past, if your campus is not identified, you may still want to follow-up with the "preferred" campus(es) in case they are unable to provide an intern for that particular placement.

IF you find an appropriate placement AND your student has been hired as an intern in that district, you then may allow the intern to have the password (click on pw in the Password column) so they are able to apply on-line via the DPI website to obtain their intern license. Please do not give this password to the intern until he/she has interviewed and been officially placed in that school district.


Prior to giving this password to the intern, please confirm that the approved Internship Request summary has all of the correct information regarding the placement. Specifically, confirm that the summary page lists the correct school(s), grade level(s), subject area(s), cooperating teacher(s), etc.

If the information is correct, you may print the password page and give it to the intern. If not, please do not give the intern the password until you have contacted the school district and/or WIP Director to amend the request so that it matches the intern's actual placement.

The intern will apply for their intern license using the on-line Intern License Application: https://www2.dpi.wi.gov/lic-la/ilahome.do

Please inform your interns before applying for their license that:

  • Passwords are case sensitive and do not contain these letters: capital O, capital I and lowercase L (l).
  • Passwords may contain numbers 0 through 9.