Directions for First-time Applications by Administrators Prepared in Wisconsin

TIPS for first-time administrator* applicants who completed a program in Wisconsin

IF there is some type of misconduct that needs to be reported, prepare and attach a written explanation of what happenedYou must also provide complete electronic (scanned) copies of documents associated with the matter that can corroborate / illuminate your explanation of the incident. These may include the criminal complaint, judgment of conviction, police reports, disciplinary letters/findings, correspondence, etc., as applicable.  (Note: Court history information printed from the CCAP web site is NOT sufficient.)

  • Prepare all required documents by scanning them into a PDF file no larger than 2MB and saved in a place from which you can upload them during the ELO application process:
  1. PI-1613 Work Experience form  to confirm at least three years of teaching or pupil services experience at the PK-12 level;
  2. PI-1612 Institutional Endorsement and Assurances form(s)  to confirm eligibility for a teaching or pupil services license (ONLY required if you do not already hold a teacher or pupil services license in Wisconsin).
  3. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (ONLY required if you do not already hold a teacher or pupil services license in Wisconsin).
  4. Test score report(s) may be required to determine eligibility for a Wisconsin teaching or pupil services license (if you do not already hold such a license in Wisconsin).

    Note: After January 30, 2014, Reading Specialist applicants MUST include evidence verifying successful completion of the WI Foundations of Reading Test (for more information, see our testing requirements web page)
  • Have your credit card ready.  If you do not already have a credit card, you should purchase a pre-paid credit card at a convenience store.



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*Administrator includes Principal, District Administrator/Superintendent, Director of Instruction, Director of Special Education and Pupil Services, School Business Administrator, Reading Specialist, Instructional Library Media Supervisor, and Instructional Technology Coordinator