ELO First-time Application Tips for an Educator Substitute License via non-WI License or Program

Directions for a first-time applicant who is either licensed in another state or completed a program in another state, has no previous license in Wisconsin, and is requesting a 5 year license as a substitute.

IF there is some type of misconduct that needs to be reported, prepare and attach a written explanation of what happenedYou must also provide complete electronic (scanned) copies of documents associated with the matter that can corroborate / illuminate your explanation of the incident. These may include the criminal complaint, judgment of conviction, police reports, disciplinary letters/findings, correspondence, etc., as applicable.  (Note: Court history information printed from the CCAP web site is NOT sufficient.)

  • Scan one of the following two required documents into a PDF file that is less than 2 MB in size and save the file so that it is readily available to upload into ELO during the application process:
    1. a copy of a valid regular educator license for teaching, administration or pupil services issued by another state
    2. ​a completed PI-1612 Institutional Endorsement and Assurances form 
  • Have your credit card ready.  If you do not already have a credit card, you should purchase a pre-paid credit card at a convenience store.




Contact the ELO Help Desk - http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/support/contact-elo