ELO First-time Application Tips for Teachers Prepared Outside Wisconsin

****** We have experienced an overwhelming volume of phone calls and email these past few weeks seeking assistance with ELO and licensing. We will continue to work with educators who had reached out for assistance or started an application online prior to June 30th to be able to assist with technical issues that prevented application completion.  Applications from these educators who made a good faith effort to apply will be considered as having been made timely. ******

Directions for first time teacher applicants who completed a program outside of Wisconsin

  • ​Create a WAMS (Wisconsin Access Management System) ID if you do not already have one.
    • It is recommended that applicants use a personal email address when creating an ELO account. This email address must be available and accessible by the applicants as it will be the primary communication method from the licensing system.
    • Please follow the instructions on the screen when setting up a WAMS account. There are links to the WAMS Help page and the WAMS FAQ page.  For assistance in setting up WAMS account, contact Help Wisconsin Support
    • Guide to creating a WAMS ID
  • Determine whether you need to get fingerprinted.  For more info, seehttp://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/backgroundchecks/completing-the-fingerprint-requirement

If you completed your educator preparation program before September 1, 2004, or have five or more years of experience as an educator, request a Professional Educator License:

If you completed your educator preparation program on or after September 1, 2004, and have less than five years of experience as an educator, request an Initial Educator License:


Contact the ELO Help Desk - http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/support/contact-elo