ELO - Frequently Asked Questions

We will be adding more FAQ items as we receive questions from various stakeholders. Please check back often. The latest questions and answers will be posted at the top. 


PI-1202 Errors and Applications

Q: How do we resolve licenses that have expired and are flagged on the PI-1202 audit, but the educator has not sent in an application (license expired June 30, 2013).

A: These educators can apply for a renewal in March 2014. If they have all renewal materials completed before June 30, 2013, TEPDL will indicate the license to start on July 1, 2013. The final PI-1202 audit will be re-run in the late spring for 2013-14.

Processing Applications Received post-July 1, 2013 and Requests for More Information

Q: What will happen to applications that are “pending” processing with TEPDL Licensing Staff?

A. TEPDL staff will continue to process applications until December 20th. If information missing is received, a licensing consultant will attempt to process the application to result in a license. Otherwise, TEPDL staff will enter the application into the new ELO system in early January. When available, the applicant will create an account in ELO, locate their partial application, and then complete the application by uploading the missing information.

Q: What happens if my most recent educator licensing application isn’t processed by the time ELO opens?  

A. TEPDL staff will enter the incomplete application information into ELO in January and the candidate will continue the application process once they create an account, either in January (for new/initial applications) or in March or May, depending on the type of application the candidate requested.

Q: When will I get to apply in ELO?

A. This depends on the type of application. Applications for new licenses will open in January (see the table under the November 15th update for release dates); and renewals will open in March.

Q: When can I apply for my first Wisconsin educator license?

A: Both in-state and out-of-state initial applicants can expect to apply in ELO for their first Wisconsin teaching license in January 2014 if they completed their program prior to January 2014. Educators completing their programs in May or June of 2014 will be able to apply in ELO when they complete their program. 

Q: When can I renew my license that expires June 30, 2014?

A: At this time, we expect renewal applications to be available in ELO in March 2014. You cannot renew your licenses that expire in June 30, 2014 until after March 2014. Paper applications for renewals that are received prior to March 2014 will be returned to sender. As March approaches, please visit this website for more information about renewing licenses. 

Q: What if the license I want is not available in ELO at the time I want to apply?

A: First-time applicants will be able to apply in January 2014. All other applications will be available after March 2014. Please check back on this website for more information about the application you would like to complete.