ELO Application Tips for Advancing from Initial to Professional Educator License

Directions for advancing an Initial Educator License to a Professional Educator License for teachers, administrators and pupil service professionals based on three years of experience and completion of a Professional Development Plan (PDP) or five years of out-of-state experience

Note: The new Professional Educator License will be dated July 1 of the year in which the application was submitted or the last signature from the PDP Team members was received, whichever is later.  

IF there is some type of misconduct that needs to be reported, prepare and attach a written explanation of what happened. You must also provide complete electronic (scanned) copies of documents associated with the matter that can corroborate / illuminate your explanation of the incident. These may include the criminal complaint, judgment of conviction, police reports, disciplinary letters/findings, correspondence, etc., as applicable.  (Note: Court history information printed from the CCAP web site is NOT sufficient.)

  • Be sure you have electronically submitted your PDP verification to DPI through QEI, WECAN PDP, or WI-PDP.  This is an extra step you need to do after your PDP Review Team has verified your PDP.

  • Be prepared to upload a signed PI-1613 Experience Verification form to confirm completion of at least three years of successful teaching, administrative, or pupil services experience.

  • Have your credit card ready.  If you do not already have a credit card, purchase a pre-paid credit card at a convenience store.

  • Log into the ELO system - http://elo.wieducatorlicensing.org to apply. The transaction for advancing your license from the Initial to the Professional level is in the "Manage your license information" section, and the transaction number is 5020:

*Please Note: The transaction for an applicant who is requesting advancement of an Initial Educator License to a Professional Educator License based on completion of five years of successful PK-12 experience out-of-state is 5025.



Contact the ELO Help Desk - http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/support/contact-elo