Check My Educator License Application Status

Applicants may view their application status in ELO on the Quick Start Menu. If you had multiple applications to submit, each one must be approved separately by DPI.

Current processing times

We are currently processing applications paid on:

  • 5-year renewals: April 4
  • Initial instate: May 8
  • Out-of-state: January 7
  • Emergency: April 22
  • Substitute: April 2
    (last updated 5/18/15)

How to check your application status

For Applicants: 
  1. Access your ELO Account
  2. Go to the “View Transaction Status” section
  3. Check the table below

Note: Licenses and permits issued by the DPI usually have a start date of July 1 and expire on June 30. If you submit a complete and accurate renewal, advancement, or upgrade application before June 30th, Wis. Stat. 227.51 (2) provides that your existing license does not expire until the DPI completes the processing of your application.

DPI reviews each paid application before making the final licensure decision.  The length of this review process may vary due to the complexity of the transaction(s) and the volume of applications received. The review process may take 6-8 weeks or more.  Reviews are delayed if any of the required documents or information are missing.  Only if you are contacted by DPI should you resubmit the C&C questionnaire, edit information, or upload additional documents.  You will be notified via email regarding the final licensure decision.

How to check a license status

  1. Go to the ELO License Lookup
  2. Search by name or the educator's entity (file) number
  3. Find the educator’s specific license(s) for which you are looking on the Details page
  4. Use the table below to better understand the license status

*All paid applications will be reviewed by DPI. The length of the review process (and possible approval) will vary due to the complexity of each application and overall volume of applications received. This process may take at least 6-8 weeks.

DPI contacted me about missing information or documents. How do I add them?

  1. Access your ELO Account
  2. Navigate to the “View Transaction Status” section of the Quick Start Menu
  3. Click “Details” and review the deficiencies listed
  4. Click “Edit App” to enter information or upload documents based on the DPI request
  5. Click “Submit” from the Summary  page and respond to the Attestation
  6. Click “Submit” and wait for your confirmation email.

How do I print my license certificate?

  1. License certificates are only available when the license status is either Current or Next License Cycle Approved.  You will receive an automated email confirming the license is ready for printing.  Steps to print the certificate:
  2. Access your ELO Account
  3. Navigate to the “Manage your license information” section of the Quick Start Menu
  4. Choose “Print license certificate” from the drop down menu and click “Select”
  5. Based on your browser’s default behavior, a file will be available for you to open or download.