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****** We have experienced an overwhelming volume of phone calls and email these past few weeks seeking assistance with ELO and licensing. We will continue to work with educators who had reached out for assistance or started an application online prior to June 30th to be able to assist with technical issues that prevented application completion.  Applications from these educators who made a good faith effort to apply will be considered as having been made timely. ******

The following pages include information on the TEPDL website organized by audience who may be interested of the information:

  • Educators - Prospective educators, pre-service educators, currently licensed and/or in-service educators, and returning educators.
  • Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) – Wisconsin school districts, charter schools, and Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs).
  • Educator Preparation Program Providers (EPPs) - Wisconsin Institutions of Higher Education and Alternative Route Program Providers.
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