Educator Preparation

****** We have experienced an overwhelming volume of phone calls and email these past few weeks seeking assistance with ELO and licensing. We will continue to work with educators who had reached out for assistance or started an application online prior to June 30th to be able to assist with technical issues that prevented application completion.  Applications from these educators who made a good faith effort to apply will be considered as having been made timely. ******

To receive an educator license in Wisconsin, applicants must complete a state-approved educator preparation program and demonstrate competency in the Wisconsin Educator Standards.

Under the program approval approach to educator licensing, graduates of Wisconsin educator preparation programs are granted a license by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) based on the endorsement (i.e. recommendation) by the certification officer of the institution.

There are two types of educator preparation programs in Wisconsin:

  1. Institutions of higher education: Thirty three of Wisconsin colleges and universities, public and private, are approved by the DPI to offer licensure programs. These programs lead to a degree (e.g. Bachelor’s, Master’s, Education Specialist) and/or licensure only based on the licensure program requirements.  
  2. Alternative route programs: These alternative route programs are approved by the DPI to offer licensure programs in critical shortage areas.

For program and contact information, please go to Approved Programs.

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