Wisconsin edTPA

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is committed to ensuring that highly prepared and effective teachers educate Wisconsin students. A part of that commitment is to make certain that all initial license applicants are ready to teach before they receive a license.  One way to determine readiness is through performance assessment, using a system such as the edTPA.  Upon the recommendation of the Wisconsin educator preparation programs, the State Superintendent has selected the edTPA to be used as one of the performance measures required for initial licensing.

What is it?
The edTPA is a multiple measure assessment system aligned to state and national standards, including the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). 

  • It assesses teaching behaviors that focus on student learning, centered on the core practices of teaching: planning, instruction, and assessment.  
  • This authentic, classroom-based assessment occurs during the student teaching experience and requires the candidate to submit a portfolio of artifacts related to teaching a series of connected lessons: video clips of candidate’s teaching, lesson plans, assessments, student work samples, analysis of student learning, and reflective commentaries comprise the portfolio.
  • The portfolio is submitted for external scoring by a national edTPA calibrated scorer.

When does it get implemented?
Implementation has already begun. Student teacher candidates from Wisconsin educator preparation programs are already completing the edTPA as a pilot during their student teaching placements in our school districts. The official score results from our pilots will be used for preparation programs and school districts to make valuable decisions about program planning and development.

Phase 1 - Piloting
Spring semester 2014 - Spring semester 2015

  • 500+ teaching candidates will complete the edTPA during student teaching in Wisconsin school districts; official score results will be used for planning and programmatic decisions for our EPPs and school districts.

Phase 2 - Portfolio submission for official scoring required for program completion
Fall semester 2015 - Spring semester 2016

  • ALL 3,500 student teacher candidates will complete the edTPA during student teaching in Wisconsin school districts; official score results will be used for program approval decisions and candidates must complete an edTPA to be endorsed for licensure.
  • A Wisconsin standards setting process will take place to set a passing score. The Fall 2015 score results will be used along with national standard setting data to set the passing score for Wisconsin.

Phase 3 - Wisconsin passing score required for initial licensure
Fall semester 2016 forward

  • ALL student teacher candidates will complete the edTPA during student teaching in Wisconsin school districts; official score results will be used for program approval decisions and candidates must post a passing score on the edTPA to complete a program and be endorsed for Wisconsin licensure.

How did it get selected for Wisconsin?
After careful study, the Wisconsin Continuous Review Process work group recommended and the state superintendent approved the edTPA as a required component in the multiple measure performance assessment system of educator preparation. A state edTPA Work Group is providing leadership with edTPA implementation and each EPP has identified a contact who is leading local program efforts. These documents share the story:

Continuous Review Process Work Group Report - Final Report and State Superintendent approval for the Continuous Review Process of program approval.

edTPA Work Group Report - Policy recommendations and State Superintendent approval for Wisconsin edTPA implementation efforts.

Wisconsin edTPA contacts at each educator preparation program

Information for School Districts
A critical part of the Wisconsin preparation process is the student teaching experience.  It is during the candidates' full semester of student teaching, which occurs at the end of our preparation programs, that our candidates experience the authentic, rigorous, sustained day-to-day reality of what a teacher must be able to do every single day.  The candidates are guided by a master teacher during this clinical experience and they hone their skills to demonstrate for us that they are "ready to teach" independently.  Our school districts have been incredible partners in this process and now more than ever, we need your continued commitment.  Here are some resources that will assist you in learning about the edTPA and student teaching placements.

Reach out to our approved Wisconsin educator preparation programs and ask for a student teacher, invite them to tell you more about edTPA, or recommend a master teacher from your district as a cooperating teacher. Also, consider a teacher intern through our Wisconsin Improvement Program.

Information for Wisconsin Educator Preparation Programs
Wisconsin colleges, universities, and alternative route to licensure program providers will be using the edTPA as a required performance assessment within their standards- and performance-based system of educator preparation.  

Candidates applying for a license through the Wisconsin DPI Licensure Based on Equivalency (LBE) process are now required to achieve a passing score on the edTPA before they can be licensed.

Information for Wisconsin Student Teacher Candidates
Each Wisconsin educator preparation program provider will assist student teacher candidates to select the appropriate edTPA portfolio handbook. Consult with your program provider for specific details prior to registering for the edTPA. The following information will help you prepare for the edTPA experience.

Information for Parents and the Public
Student teacher candidates in Wisconsin will be assessed on their ability to teach in order to get a Wisconsin teaching license. As a parent, your child may be in a classroom that has a student teacher completing an edTPA performance assessment. The student teacher will be using a parent permission form to ensure your child can be included in the video clip of the student teacher’s instruction. Here are some resources to help you learn about edTPA.

What about educators who are prepared outside of Wisconsin?
Educators who complete a teacher preparation program outside of Wisconsin by August 31, 2016, do not need to complete an edTPA for licensure in Wisconsin.  A decision will be made in Spring 2016 about whether candidates who complete their program after August 31, 2016, will need to complete an edTPA.