Employment and PDP

The PDP must be written based on the category of the license that will be advanced (Initial Educator) or renewed (Professional Educator). It is developed over the course of three, four or five years and, upon completion, must show evidence of professional growth and impact on student learning. As such, an educator's employment situation will affect the feasibility of or progress of a PDP.

If an initial educator did not attain three full years of regular employment in the category of his/her license, he/she may have his/her Initial Educator License reissued for another five years.

Educators who hold a Professional Educator License which was attained prior to August 31, 2004 and an Initial Educator License attained after August 31, 2004, but were not employed in the category of the Initial Educator License, have the option to complete a PDP in the category of their Professional Educator License or six semester credits in order to renew their Professional Educator License. The Initial Educator License can be reissued for another five years.

Professional educators who advanced from Initial Educator License stage continue to be required to do a PDP to renew their Professional Educator licenses. In the event that they were not employed at all in a license cycle while holding a Professional Educator License, they can take six semester credits to renew their Professional Educator License. Once they are employed, they must again complete a PDP to renew their license.

Wisconsin Professional Educator License holders who work outside of Wisconsin in the area related to their license category have the option to complete a PDP or six semester credits in order to fulfill the licensing renewal requirements for their Wisconsin license.

Teaching experience in an international setting can be used to complete a PDP for an Initial Educator to advance to the professional level.

One-Year Extension

An educator who has worked on his/her PDP, but did not complete the PDP prior to expiration may apply for a one-year non-renewable extension of the Initial Educator or Professional Educator License. If the PDP requirement is not completed at the end of the one-year extension, the educator is eligible only for a substitute license.