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When an educator submits a complete and accurate renewal application before June 30th, Wis. Stat. 227.51 (2) provides that the educator’s existing license does not expire until the DPI completes the processing of the renewal application.  

  • Paid applications that were received as of 11:59  p.m. June 30, 2014 are considered timely applications.   If you are applying for renewal or advancement after June 30th, please see this guidance.
  • Some applications were made available for use at the end of June in the ELO system. We will date applications received in July with a July 1, 2014 begin date. A complete listing of these application dates can be found at http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/licensing/summer-2014-transactions.
  • Some applications have not been developed or made available in the ELO system yet. Once these are available in July 2014, we will date applications received with a July 1, 2014, begin date. A complete listing of these application dates is at http://tepdl.dpi.wi.gov/licensing/summer-2014-transactions.
  • Please note that a software bug is sometimes producing confusing results on the DPI Public Search online license lookup.  If a district has a question about a particular educator’s license status, please contact Teacher Licensing at (800) 266-1027 or http://dpi.wi.gov/support/contact-educator-licensing.


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  • Educator Licensing Online - ELO
  • PDP Redesign


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Information for prospective educators, preservice educators, currently licensed and/or inservice educators, and returning educators.


Information for Local Educational Agencies, including school districts and Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs).


Information for Educator Preparation Program Providers, including Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and Alternative Route Program Providers.


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